Acid Rain: What Can We Do?

acid rain - what can we do

Acid rains or acid deposition is a global problem that is affecting many parts of the world. It causes serious environmental and health problems. It usually comes in the form of actual rain, fog, snow or a dry deposit. It contains high levels of acid than normal, which harms the soil, animal, plants and people in that ecosystem.

The good thing is that we can help improve the situation by reducing the harshness of this phenomenon. In this guide, we have rounded up some of the best ways we can change our lifestyles to decrease acidic rains.

Here are 6 ways we can change our lifestyle to prevent acid rains.

Reduce Energy Consumption

One of the ways we can contribute to decreasing acid rains is reducing our energy consumption. For every kilowatt unit of electricity that you consume, you indirectly contribute to the increase in acidic rains. By reducing your energy consumption, you will be playing a significant role in preventing acidic rains. There are simple changes we can make to save energy. First, you must shut off all electrical appliances that are not in use. Make sure that your HVAC system is only on when you really need it. Another appliance that you need to regulate its use is the electrical water heater. During the day, use natural light for your home or office. These measures will not only save the environment but will also save money.

Drive Less

One of the biggest contributors to acid rains is vehicles. We have millions of vehicles releasing acidic gases to the air at any time. If we can use our cars less, then it will contribute significantly to reducing acid rain. There are several ways that you can manage to drive less. First, walk for small distances instead of driving. If your place of work is not far from where you live, then consider walking instead of driving. If you can’t walk, you need to consider using public transport to go to work. With that, you will reduce the amount of fuel burnt and thus, less acidic gases to the air. You will also save money on fuel.

Using Alternative Fuel

alternative auto fuel

Fossil fuel is the primary source of sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen gases that form the acid rain. If we can reduce the reliance on fossil fuel, we can manage to reduce these rains. There are several alternative fuels that we can go for. Solar energy provides one of the cleanest fuels. It is renewable and does not release harmful and acidic gases. We can also use biogas to replace generator produced fuel. There is also the hydro and geothermal generated electricity which is eco-friendly. These are some of the cleaner alternative fuels that can help decrease acid rain.

Replace Appliances with Efficient Ones

As the appliance ages, its efficiency declines. That means it will need more energy to compensate for the lost efficiency. So. it will be using more electrical energy than needed to do the same work. The result is burning more fuel; hence, increasing acidic gases in the air. In other words, you will be contributing to creating harsher acid rain. If you have a refrigerator, furnace or an air conditioner that is ageing, then you need to replace it with a more efficient one. Replacing with a new one is highly recommended because its efficiency is still at peak.

Look For Energy Rating

When buying electrical appliances, it is essential to check the star rating. All electrical appliances in Australia have an energy star logo that shows how energy efficient they are. Appliances with higher energy-efficiency have more stars. To help decrease acid rain, you need to invest in the most energy-efficient machine. Such appliances consume less electrical energy to deliver the same results. In other words, less fuel will be burned to power the appliance. Therefore, you will reduce acidic gases released into the air when using a high energy rated appliance. In addition, make sure that the device also meets your need. Avoid buying large appliances to avoid energy wastage.

Use Windows Wisely

use windows wisely

Windows can help reduce your energy consumption. During the day, open your windows and remove curtains to let sunlight into the room. So. you don’t need to put lights on; hence, no electrical energy is used. During summers, you can open your windows to let cool winds from the outside cool your home instead of using an air conditioning system. But when it comes to winter, make sure that windows are properly closed to prevent heat from escaping. These are some of the ways you can use your house windows to decrease acid rain.

Acid rain will not only destroy your roof but will also expose you to serious health complications. The good thing is that we can help reduce its impact by simply changing our lifestyle. We can achieve this by avoiding things that contribute to the increase of sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen in the air.