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Our team and whole organization would like to give our gratitude to all of you who showed interest here in our website, and also for giving your help and support. It is our privilege to let you know about this issue that has been neglected for the past few years. We hope you can help us reach out to those people who are not aware of the GMO issue and provide them with knowledge about genetically modified organisms and the food products processed with these additives.

To know more about our website and organization or if ever you want to give help, just contact us at You can also give us any feedback at and send us your suggestions. We want to know if our website has been lacking on any information and details about our organization and about the GMO issue as well.

Again, we thank you for showing support and for simply being interested in this issue. Help us reach out to other people by giving them details on GMOs and their adverse effects. Join us, women, and encourage more people to be aware of the damage caused by GMOs.