How can I learn more about GMO in this website?

Our website has a blog section where you can access all information about GMOs and biotechnology. You can read about its advantages and disadvantages, case studies and debates and various other information. The health risks of GMO processed foods are also available in this website for you to check out. We have made all these data available so that you can easily make an informed decision about the issue of GMOs.

Does GMO really have bad effects toward our health?

Definitely. If GMOs can badly affect animals on which they were tested on, how much more the people who consume these kinds of foods? This is why we reallu need to be very careful when it comes to consuming foods with GMO additives.

What are the donations for?

The donations people give are for our campaigns, projects and events concerning the issue about GMO and the agricultural crisis in Hawaii. It helps us reach out to other people and alarm them about the harmful effects of GMO. It will be explained thoroughly here in our website so we suggest you go through our page and check out our numerous campaigns and events.

How can I give help to this organization and donate?

Become a member of our organization by sending us an email. Your membership fee contributes to the campaigs that we conduct. You may also choose to support us by voicing out your opinions about GMO issues. You can also help in our advocacy by reaching out to your friends and family whose lives and health are at stake. If you wish to donate, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact page. We will be happy to receive any donations you wish to give.