How To Go Green On A Budget

go green on a budget

If you ask people why they are not living a more environmentally life, most of them will probably tell you that it is too expensive. But this argument of going green is expensive does not really make sense. That is because you can still go green on a budget.

What most people don’t know is that you can live a more environmentally friendly life and still save money. In this guide, we will show you why you should not be intimidated to go green. We have rounded up some of the tips on how you can save money by going green.

Take Time To Plan Your Food Schedule

One of the mistakes people make is failing to plan their food schedule properly. The result is a lot of waste due to extra food and mean high cost of food. Similarly, lack of planning tricks you to buying ingredients that contribute to destroying the environment. The first step to going green is planning your food schedule properly. 

Take at least five hours in a week to shop, plan your menu, prep and to manage leftovers (freeze them). You should also use this time to make your grocery list and be sure that you only buy the ingredients that you need for your recipes. This will save you money due to reduced waste as well as promote a healthy environment.

Buy Organic Produce In Season

One of the best tricks to going green and save money is buying organic food in season. This is the time when the market is flooded with certain products, and thus, prices are low. That means you will pay less for produce, and that is how you will be saving money. You need to monitor organic farming Australia season cycles to know which food is in season. When are the Avocados, cabbage, strawberries, and so on are in season? So you can be eating more of what is in season, and this will see your budget food come down significantly. That’s a clever way to go green on a budget.

Buy From Farmer’s Market

Going green does not mean that you eat organic food only. Don’t be intimidated by the expensive organic food on the supermarkets’ shelves. Buying from the farmer’s market is one of the best ways that you can go green and save money. In these markets, the food will have been transported for a shorter distance; hence, less fuel is used. That means less damage to the environment. There are also high chances that this food has organic properties. You can buy in bulk to reduce the cost of frequent visits to the market. That’s a practical way that you can save money by going green.

farmers market

Buy Reusable Produced

One of the biggest ways that the environment get damaged is through industrial productions. However, the high production is due to the demand of the products. Although recycled products are said to be environmentally friendly, you can do even better by buying reusable products. Instead of using plastic bags, you can buy reusable bags from renewable raw materials. With this, you will be killing two birds with one stone- you will be living a green life and at the same time, save money that could have been used to buy plastic bags every often.

Keep Your Freezer Fully Stocked

One of the biggest mistake people make is keeping their freezer below the capacity or empty. What you may not know is that it consumes a lot of energy to cool an empty space. Therefore, make sure that the freezer is fully stocked with food by adding more in the empty spaces. That means less energy will be needed to keep the freezer cool. You will be saving the environment since less energy is used and as well as reduce your energy bills. So, you will be saving money and making the environment better.

Make Your Cleaners

Going green also means that you change everything around you to be green. That includes the way you clean your house. Avoiding chemical cleaners and instead, go for green cleaners. There are many options for eco-friendly cleaners in the market but might be a bit expensive. That’s why you should make yours at home. There are simple household green ingredients that you can use to make power eco-friendly cleaners. So, you will be spending less compared to buying from the supermarket.

Don’t be intimated by the term ‘going green’ because it does not mean expensive. There are ways you can still live an eco-friendly life and still save money. You just need to be a little bit creative.