The Essentials You’ll Need if You Decide to Live Off-Grid

boat house for off-grid way of living

Going off-grid is increasingly becoming popular across the world. It feels good to disappear from the civilisation and create time for yourself. However, it is not as easy as most people make it sound – you need to plan and prepare carefully for perfect off-grid camping. Whether you just want to have some private time in the wilderness or just touring the wild for fun, going off-grid requires a lot of consideration.  

So, what are the essentials for an ideal off-grid experience? Well, if you are planning this kind of camping for the first time, this guide is for you. We have put together 10 things that you need to bring to ensure a perfect off-grid tour. 

1. Water filter 

Among the most important things you need to bring along is a water filter. If you are going off-grid, you are likely to camp in remote areas away from the civilisation. That means access to clean and safe water for drinking could be a problem. That’s why you need to bring a large capacity water filter that can produce a large amount of water. You will be consuming a lot of water per day, and it might take longer before you get a chance to refill your bottles. 

2. Water Heater 

A hot water heater is an essential appliance for off grid camping. You need hot water for several things, including shower, cleaning dishes and other things. If you are using a caravan, then you need to ensure that your RV is fitted with a reliable hot water heating system. For all your caravan hot water heater needs, check out BCA Australia. The store stocks all types of recreational water heaters, including a vast range of caravan water heaters. 

3. Shelf Stable Food 

The other thing you need to take into consideration is the issue of food. Considering that you will be going away from the civilisation, you need to pack enough food for the days you will be camping. We highly recommend that you bring along more food than you need because tragedies do happen. However, pack up food with a longer shelf life. May be canned or boxed beans, pasta and rice, canned vegetables and fruits, and other foods that taste fresh when cooked. 

cooking food at camping with friends

4. Pack Water 

If you are not sure that you will find natural streams, wells, or other water sources in your off-grid destination, pack your own water. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling with a water problem in a place you can rarely get help. Although buying bottled water may be a good option, we recommend the use of water filters in your home to reduce your greenhouse gas emission. Purify as much water as you need for your tour. Just make sure that it is more than you will probably need. 

5. Shelter 

Get the issue of shelter sorted before leaving home. Otherwise, you might get yourself in trouble. There are tour companies that offer off-grid accommodation. Know the condition of the cabin way before setting off for the tour to ensure your comfort. However, caravans offer the best experience since you can tour many spots in your destination as well as camp anywhere. What you need is just a self-contained recreation vehicle. You can also choose a converted bus, cob, and strawbale, among other shelter options. 

6. Reliable Fire Start 

bonfire making in the woods

To survive in the wilderness, you need fire to keep you warm in the night, cook food, warm water, and to keep animals away. To be on the safe side, bring along a reliable fire starter. Please don’t rely on lighters only because they can run out of fuel. Similarly, matches can also get damaged or wet. The trick is to carry multiple fire-starting tools. If one fails, you another option to turn to. Before leaving home, make sure that you checked your fire starter kit. 

7. Solar Generator 

It will be impossible to live off the grid tour without power supply. You need power for lighting and to charge your gadgets such as phones, cameras, and so on. Unfortunately, most of the off-grid areas are not connected to the power grid and hence no electricity. That’s why a solar generator is one of the essential appliances to carry, especially if you have a caravan. You will be able to harvest green solar energy for electricity. The good news is that you won’t need a lot of power. So, you do not need to invest in an expensive solar power generator. 

8. Reliable Lighting 

night time on camping in the desert

Nights in the wilderness can get really dark. Sometimes it can get very scary, especially when you are alone at night. If the place has wild animals, you are likely to attract unwanted company near your cabin. That’s why you need reliable lighting. Bring a headlamp and flashlight. You should also carry several lanterns and candles on your camping. There are also many rechargeable lights that you can bring along.  

9. Means of Protection 

Living off the grid can be an extremely dangerous adventure. You need protection from everything, including animals, and rogue people who could endanger your life. That’s why you need a means of protection. We recommend people to bring a firearm, especially if you are going to camp far from the civilisation. We also recommend the carrying of spray to ward off an animal that may come too close. Lastly, a sharp knife is also an ideal weapon for such a tour. 

10. First Aid Kit 

Last but not least is a comprehensive first aid kit. Depending on your health, you need a first aid kit that suits your needs. The best thing is to visit your doctor to check on you before leaving and recommend what you need to carry. This is important, especially if you have a medical condition. So, bring along a comprehensive first aid kit that will cater to all potential medical emergencies. 

If you are planning to live off-grid, these are some of the essentials that you need. Make sure that you have enough food, water, lighting, and also a means of protection. You must also bring a comprehensive first aid kit for emergency medical needs, among other things.