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#1 Senator Clarence Nishihara $8,602 GMO Related Contributions

(D) Waipahu, Crestview, Manana, Pearl City, Pacific Palisades
CONTACT: 808-586-6879 sennishihara@capitol.hawaii.gov

Has repeatedly blocked GMO labeling legislation as Senate Agriculture Chair.

Has said he will not hear and does not support Hawaii's GMO labeling, would not hear GMO labeling until forced by

possible force to Senate Floor when Citizens Right to Know gathered required signatures to force vote to Senate Floor over which he would have had zero control
LITERALLY AWARDED GMO lobbyists on the Senate floor in March 2013 while thousands of Hawaii residents are marching to evict GMO companies.

Called "Clarence the Great" by GMO lobbyists, no joke.

GMO lobbyists pressured Senate President Kim into taking pro-labeling good guy Senator Green off the lead and placing Nishihara as the Primary Chair on HB174, HD2, very bad sign.

As a Democrat is going against party resolutions by failing to support labeling and may be disciplined.

Needs to hear and pass GMO labeling HB174, HD2 on March 21, 2013 with requested amendments.

$500 Syngenta Crop Protection 11/27/12
$602.04 Maluafiti  07/20/12
$250 Toyofuku, Bayer 07/17/12
$200 Genentech 01/16/12
$200 Maluafiti, HCIA 04/02/12
$1000 Monsanto 06/18/12
$1000 Morris, Monsanto 040/2/12
$1000 Radcliffe, Monsanto 04/02/12
$200 Maluafiti, HCIA 05/18/11
$500 Monsanto 04/26/11
$500 Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/15/11
$250 Toyofuku, Bayer 01/05/10
$500 Morris, Monsanto 05/13/09
$500 Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/13/09
$150 Alan Takemoto/Monsanto 05/13/09 (your new water commissioner nominator!)
$750 Monsanto 08/12/08
$250 Morris, Monsanto 05/07/07
$250 “Radcliff” Gee, forgot to spell Radcliffe right. Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/07/07
TOTAL $8,602

#2 Senator Rosalyn Baker $14,100 GMO Related Contributions

(D) Chairperson of Consumer Protection Committee, South and West Maui: Makena, Wailea, Kihei, Ma‘alaea, Lahaina, Ka‘anapali, Napili, Kapalua

Contact: 808-586-6070 senbaker@capitol.hawaii.gov

Past Legislative Alert
Refused to hear GMO fish and whole produce labeling bill SB615 despite thousands of constituents calls and letters.
Repeatedly refuses to meet with numerous constituents concerned about GMO labeling.
Refused to hear GMO labeling HB174, HD2 until last minute possibly forced to either hear it or watch it go straight to the Senate floor and out of her control since Citizens Right to Know and BAB collected required signatures to force a hearing without her.
Supported changing committee referral to place pro-GMO legislator Nishihara in charge of GMO labeling bill rather than pro-labeling Senator Josh Green who WAS the Primary Chair as a DOCTOR in HEALTH.
Repeatedly shown favor to biotech industry and neglect to the issue of consumer protection and rights she as Chair of CPN should pursue vigorously.
In the opinion of BAB, has royally failed job as Chair of Senate Consumer Protection to date, failing to support GMO labeling FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION. DUH ROZ!
As a Democrat is going against party resolutions by going against GMO labeling and may be disciplined.
Needs to hear and pass GMO labeling HB174, HD2 on March 21, 2013 with requested amendments.

Hard to imagine a full recovery for Baker, a LOT of people vowed to never vote for her again when she let SB615 for GMO fish and produce labeling die on her desk. Maui is one of the most active anti-GMO islands. But we believe in redemption and MAN is NOW the time. If she passes GMO labeling with local produce included and pulls no shenanigans and starts fighting GMOs and cuts her ties with the biotech industry she might have a chance. If she does ALL OF THAT and helps us ban GMOs next year then we won't work against her re-election; We believe in miracles!  Everyone deserves A second chance right? Come on Roz! Join the good guys!

$500 Toyofuku 10/02/12
$500 Monsanto 10/02/12
$500 Monsanto 06/27/12
$500 Monsanto 06/05/11
$500 Monsanto 06/24/10
$500 Monsanto10/06/09
$750 Monsanto 08/30/08
$150 Perlak, Monsanto 05/05/12
$2000 Radcliffe, Monsanto  06/15/08
$1000 Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/04/07
$1000 Radcliffe, Monsanto  05/05/12
$1500 Radcliffe, Monsanto 07/12/11
$500 Radcliffe, Monsanto  06/24/10
$1000 Morris, Monsanto  10/29/08
$500 Morris, Monsanto  06/04/07
$1000 Morris, Monsanto 05/05/12
$200 Morris, Monsanto  05/05/12
$500 Toyofuku, Bayer 07/13/11
$500 Toyofuku, Bayer 08/21/10
$500 Toyofuko, Bayer 12/31/09
TOTAL: $14,100​

#3 Senator Donna Mercado Kim $9,900 GMO Related Contributions

((D) Kapalama, ‘Alewa, Kalihi Valley, Ft. Shafter, Moanalua Gardens & Valley, portions of Halawa and ‘Aiea
CONTACT: 808-587-7200 senkim@capitol.hawaii.gov

  • As current Senate President, she appointed Monsanto lobbyist and Community Affairs Manager Alan Takemoto to the Nominating Committee to suggest Water Commissioners just months after the community fought to block Monsanto from hi-jacking 2.6 million gallon/day well in Kunia, Oahu before the Water Commission.
  • Despite over 7,000 petitioning Hawaii residents and citizens, Senator Kim felt the appointment of Alan Takemoto at the behest of Senator Malama Solomon, was appropriate and retained the appointment.
  • ​Caved to GMO industry pressure and changed the committee referrals for GMO labeling bill HB174, HD2 putting it in the hands of pro-biotech Senator Nishihara instead of pro-labeling Senator Green, who the bill was originally referred to.
  • Why is it, that the committee referral was fine with Senator Green as the primary Chair until the Citizens for the Right to know had collected enough signatures to force a GMO labeling vote on the Senate floor?
  • ​Says she supports a GMO labeling hearing, but then removes Senator Hee, Chair of Judiciary and Labor who had waived his committee hearing in order to give GMO labeling 10 more days to get a hearing.
  • Wanted to remove Senator Green from Chairmanship of GMO labeling in any form, pro-labeling Senators had to fight to keep Green in the referral, period.

As a Democrat, is going against party resolutions by failing to support labeling and may be disciplined.


$250 Toyofuku, Bayer 10/03/12
$500 Monsanto Co. 08/09/12
$250 Loihi/Maluafiti, HCIA 04/30/12
$1000 Morris, Monsanto 04/30/12
$1000 Radcliffe, Monsanto 04/30/12
$150 Toyofuku, Bayer 04/30/12
$500 Morris, Monsanto 05/05/11
$1000 Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/05/11
$250 Toyofuku, Bayer 08/24/10
$500 Loihi/Maluafiti, HCIA 02/11/10
$500 “Monsato” but address matches MonsaNto 06/10/10
$500 Perlak, Monsanto 03/11/10
$1000 Morris, Monsanto 10/01/09
$1000 Morris, Monsanto 05/08/09
$500 Radcliffe, Monsanto 05/08/09
$500 Morris, Monsanto 05/03/07
$500 Radcliffe, Monsanto 050307
TOTAL $9,900​

Look up Campaign Contributions:


Many legislators will say their campaign contributions do not affect their voting records, but in these cases we see high GMO campaign contributions AND CONSISTENT pro-GMO legislative action.

There is no excuse, there are other legislators who have taken some GMO money and have not done nearly as much to block GMO labeling or obstruct GMO justice. Some, like Senator Green, have returned GMO donations, and the most desirable are those who do not accept any at all so we have no wonder of conflict of interest on these pertinent matters.

If Monsanto and GMO companies are not influencing their voting and actions, then return the money and relieve any suspicion or vote in favor of the majority of Hawaii residents who want the right to know and prove it. Residents are marching by the thousands to remove all GMO agriculture from Hawaii, labeling is minimum ASAP.

Up to this point, these legislators have shown loyalty to the biotech industry and done what the industry wants rather than the residents of Hawaii.

If they do not pass and support GMO labeling with local produce included, we will work passionately against their re-elections. We are also canvassing during session and invite you to join us:

email teams@babesagainstbiotech.org

if you would like to help canvass their districts and work against the re-election of GMO legislators and in support of non-GMO legislators who will reflect the will of their constituents.

Dear Nishihara,

Please do the right thing and label GMOs for the people of Hawaii. If you do, you will be a hero. If you don't, you will be a zero, as a legislator not a person, we still love you but you need to do what's right, at least in the eyes of everyone in Hawaii who knows about GMOs.

Gee this island is small.

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