About Us

It has been a few years since we started this organization. Our reason for creating this community is because we started to worry about the effects of GMO. It is our belief that many people probably do not know about its adverse effects. As such, it is our goal to make everyone understand why they should totally junk GMO foods.

Our island, Hawaii, has become an open air laboratory for testing these genetically engineered crop seeds that are used for exports. Opportunistic GMO companies have been developing these pesticides-resistant GMOs and it’s not just exposing the communities to unpleasant amounts of restricted and general use of pesticide, but it is also poisoning this beautiful island.

Since they continue to allow these GE chemical experiments in our grounds, we became worried about our island. These wealthy foreign companies clearly trumped our requirements for sustainable food, water and clean air.

The government, media and chemical companies were all ignoring and neglecting this issue. But we are well aware of this situation and the effects it may cause. It may endanger people’s lives for all we know and it is definitely a health risk. These are the reasons why we tried creating this website. To tell people what this GMO is all about and what damage it has been causing or still may do.

We also want to seek help from all of you who are concerned about Hawaii as well as the health of the people living here. We also call on those who are bothered by these experiments and the continued development of GMOs. It is also our intention to educate community leaders, farms and small business owners and help them junk GMOs.

We hope you can help us by supporting our organization and considering giving any donations or personal help.