Generally, the controversy over genetically modified foods is complicated. With the use of technology and the knowledge of humans, people continuously create new inventions that actually can help the nature. There are now alternative electrical energy sources that can relatively help people to have a greener lifestyle. Also, air pollution can now turn into an ink which you can know more about with Home Energy Audit Tempe and Air-Ink. There are many more inventions and this time, they hope to improve the food sources of people. GM engineers invented new genes that have been created in the laboratory and added it or reconfigured it on the genes of the crop plants to create a new one. Is it harmful or helpful to nature? We don’t know yet, but when it comes to the health of human being, you should know first when, how, and why to avoid these GMO foods. Before taking a risk, perhaps you should know what is GMO and what are the effects of this on the human body.

Scientific modification on plants is not new in this world. Since the time began, genetic modification is a natural evolution in the plants and animals. It means that the plants and animals that could adapt to the changing environment will survive and pass their genes on to their offspring and the least fit do not survive. Even farmers do the kind of genetic modification that has been helping them improve crops for generations. They separate the good seeds to use for next year’s crop. Seed companies are also contributing to these genetic modifications.

But here’s the problem, the chemical manufacturers and other companies involved in this invention, their goal is clearly not to produce a tastier and juicier apple and tomato, or more nourishing corn, but rather to modify food crops that will be resistant to the pesti¬cides. And when the people support these GMO foods, the weeds die, the crops live, and the companies which manufacture pesticides and other chemicals used in this genetic modification make money. Then, what do we do with those crops that we actually eat every day? Many of the cereals, snacks, and processed products that we and our kids eat are made up of crops. Since the pesticides and herbicides and other chemicals used in GMO have the potential to be toxic to humans, and espe¬cially to children, it follows that these GMOs have the potential to be harmful to us.

Whatever their reason for creating such harmful substances, the fact that these chemicals are dangerous to our body means we should avoid them. You should not let yourself and your family most especially the children to eat GMO foods. According to the World Health Organization, glyphosate which is the herbicide that mostly used in GMO is a probable human carcinogen a chemical that is capable of causing cancer in humans.

The use of these chemicals in the United States of America has increased by more than 2000% in 25 years. To stop the spread of these chemicals and GMO products is to start in you and in your home.